Merry Christmas Meaning – Why Is It Called So

Every year we celebrate the date 25th December as Christmas day. But what does this day mean? What is its significance? Why is it called so? Do you know the exact meaning of merry Christmas? If your answer is no, than you have landed to the right place. Here, you will find Merry Christmas meaning along with its significance why it is celebrated.

You all might be familiar that 25th of December marks as the date of birth of Jesus Christ. It has been widely observed as cultural holiday around the world by billions of people. Although exact year of birth of Jesus Christ is not known, it has been estimated by the modern historians that he was born between 7 and 2 BC. The Christmas is also commonly known as Xmas.

Merry Christmas meaning :

merry christmas meaning


In countries that have majority of Christians, have public holidays for the occasions followed by parties at work places and study centers. In Merry Christmas meaning, the countries which do not have majority of Christian do not have it as public holiday, which include Afghanistan, Qatar and many other countries. According to popular tradition, Jesus Christ was born in a horse stable, where he was then wrapped in swaddling clothes. He was then laid in manager since they had no guest rooms.

Real Merry Christmas meaning :

real meaning of merry christmas


Many people celebrate this occasion by different means. In some countries, people hold religious processions and parades in the early stages of Christmas. In other countries, they might celebrate it in different way. I am from India, so over here there are large processions carried out which consists of Santa Claus like dressed men. These men’ s give gifts to the needy people who do not get a chance to celebrate this day, thereby helping them to make this day better. Also, they distribute chocolates to all the children in the area thus spreading happiness everywhere in the city. This is the meaning Merry Christmas !

Needless to say, merry Christmas meaning is very large. People have to help the needy ones and orphaned children by giving out chocolates and gifts. This does not imply giving out only on 25th December but around the year. This is like being human and helping out others which are also one of the messages conveyed by holy Jesus Christ. Hope you got the entire meaning of Merry Christmas.

What Does The ‘Merry’ means in Merry Christmas :

In the phrase Merry Christmas, the word merry does not refer an excess of seasonal good cheer, nor yet to drunkenness. Those meanings date from the 14th century onwards. However, the original meaning of merry was pleasing or agreeable. That meaning is also found in the phrase God rest you merry, gentlemen, where rest is used in the same sense as in rest assured.

We hope you understand the real and true merry christmas meaning !!


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